Statement from Nottingham academics

“We, as members of Staff of the School of Politics and International Relations (IR), have supported the action of the Students of the School who occupied an auditorium on 29 January, in protest at the bombing and blockade of Gaza by the Israeli armed forces. We did so as a means of defending their right to protest and express themselves within the University. This, however, did not imply that we unconditionally supported each and every demand addressed by the students to the University. The students criticised in harsh terms a podcast of a colleague within the School of Politics and IR on the situation in Gaza. It is with regret that our stance in favour of the students’ actions (but not their demands) was interpreted as an attempt to denigrate our colleague. We hereby expressly apologise for any unforeseen consequences this has caused.

Professor Andreas Bieler

Dr Sara Motta
Dr Adam Morton
Dr Bettina Renz
Dr Liam McCarthy
Dr Tony Burns
Dr Rod Thornton
Dr Malika Rahal”

– From the occupation: We are grateful for the academics at this university for their courageous stance in supporting our right to free expression. We apologise for any misunderstanding that might have arisen, in particular, any indication that their support involved criticism of their academic colleague.


Hicham Yezza on Student Activism in Comment is Free

You can read Hicham’s full article “Student Apathy is Good for Business” here.

International Occupations

The University of Rochester, New York, in the United States of America, is currently occupied in solidarity with the people of Gaza.


It’s over in under nine hours – victory! A statement from the university authorities will be forthcoming, but it looks like humanitarian aid, academic aid, scholarships and divestment have all been gained.


On Friday 6th Feb, a massive rally will take place on the University of Nottingham main campus. The rally aims at expressing solidarity with the population of Gaza and to launch an initiative entitled “Books not Bombs” that aims at getting the University of Nottingham to donate educational equipment to children and students living in Gaza.

Please join us at 2PM on Portland Hill (facing the Portland Building) and express your solidairty with the victims of the recent conflict.

Breaking News: Strathclyde & Manchester Universities Occupied

For a report on Strathcylde see here.

For information about the Manchester occupation click here.


Strathcylde University declare victory – the University authorities agreed to funds for scholarships, a place for the Gaza humanitarian appeal on Campus and on the University website, a press release strengthing links with the University of Gaza, disinvestment from a company that sources water from territory illegally occupied by Israel (Golan Heights) and an ongoing public discussion with the University concerning their involvement with BAE Systems and other arms companies.

Queen Mary, University of London have also declared victory, having the majority of their demands responded to by the Univeristy management.

Post-Occupation Statement

A statement outlining our position in relation to what has happened can be read here.

Eviction Video & Interviews

For a short video comprising: clips of student protesters being forcefully removed, interviews with the students, and footage of the Police and security handling of the situation, please click here.