Occupation Makes ITV Evening News

An ITV crew came back to campus this evening to record interviews with protesters for a live broadcast on ITV Central evening news. The Jewish/Israeli society organised a confrontational presence for the event.  Watch it here:


Those involved in the occupation wish to encourage inclusiveness and constructive debate on the issue of Gaza, as opposed to unproductive stand-offs.

5 responses to “Occupation Makes ITV Evening News

  1. Seriously, can you put at least ONE mention of the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Gaza Appeal on this site? The priority should be for the people in Gaza, not for student/university politics.


    1,100,000 people are depending on aid to survive. Food, water, shelter.

    Nobody’s survival depends on the University of Nottingham giving out scholarships or changing library coffee suppliers.

    £25 will buy blankets for 8 children.

  2. I’m an ex Nottingham student and one of the SOAS occupiers.

    Just wanted to say how proud I am of you all; will try and get some time off this weekend to come and visit. Keep it up!

  3. Hi Tom P

    You’ll notice that demand 2 is in fact that the University upload the DEC appeal onto it’s website. Peace etc


  4. The factual inaccuracies in this report are astounding. Firstly, this counter protest was not organised by the Jewish and Israel society, but by an independent group.

    Most importantly, this was in no way confrontational and had been organised specifically to avoid this; we did not even enter the site, we sang songs of peace and we repeatedly called for dialogue with your protesters. What was unproductive
    however was how you reacted to this; closing your curtains and refusing to even acknowledge our case. (A peaceful one.) Such actions create stand-offs, as do removing this debate from its rightful place in the S.U. to a neutral place of learning.

  5. Tom P – We always had the DEC appeal as our second demand, we have also made it more prominant now. Thank you for your suggestion.

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