Solidarity message from Chomsky to Notts

Professor Noam Chomsky has personally contacted the Nottingham occupation for Gaza with a message of support regarding the student protests happening here and across the country:

“I am very pleased to learn about your courageous and honorable actions, particularly significant because of the crucial British contribution to the savage onslaught on Gaza, second only to the decisive role of the United States — a disgrace for all of us. I hope you have the greatest success in arousing public opinion and bringing these monstrous crimes to an end.”

Noam Chomsky

3 responses to “Solidarity message from Chomsky to Notts

  1. Great to hear that you are occupying and getting so much support.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Absolutely brilliant. We are setting up local Gaza Solidarity Groups in London too . At long last people are waking up: Another World is Possible

  3. Lol, did he really or did you just take the solidarity message he sent to the LSE from our blog? :p

    It was meant for all occupations though, so solidarity! Good work on getting into the news šŸ™‚

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