Support received from Nottingham academics!

We have recieved  visits and support from prominent members of the academic community within the politics department today, our first full day of occupation.

‘We commend your actions in support of Gaza, in particular we support your right to protest and demand that there be no legal, financial, or academic repercussions taken against anyone involved in or supporting this protest.’

Professor Andreas Bieler
Chris Hesketh (PhD candidate)
Dr Sara Motta
Maria Montana Urbana (PhD candidate)
Dr Adam Morton
Elif Uzgoren (PhD candidate)
Dr Bettina Renz
Eloise Harding (PhD candidate)
Dr Liam McCarthy
Michael Brodie (PhD candidate)
Dr Tony Burns
Dr Rod Thornton
Dr Malika Rahal
Dr Andrew Robinson
David Bell (MRes Candidate)

Outside Department of Politics and International Relations

Alice Edwards (Law)
Anthony Paul Smith (Theology and Religious Studies, PhD Candidate)

We also received this message today:

“Dear Gaza Solidarity Students,

You have my full support and good luck with your demands

All the very best,

Dr Ahmad Khalidi
Senior Associate Member
St Antony’s College
Oxford University”

4 responses to “Support received from Nottingham academics!

  1. Dr Andrew Robinson

    Add me as supporter as well!

    I’m out of town at the mo (starting term a little late) but send my support from afar.

  2. Please add my name. I’m a PhD candidate in the Theology and Religious Studies department.

  3. Hello,

    I’d like to add my support to the sentiments expressed above.

    David Bell (MRes Candidate, School of Politics & IR)

  4. Alice Edwards

    Well done on surviving the first day. I commend you for choosing an extremely worthwhile cause for the first protest on campus of the year.

    I write in solidarity with those who’ve lost their lives and their families in the recent events in Gaza, and I advocate for independent investigations into alleged war crimes.

    Alice Edwards
    Lecturer in Law
    University of Nottingham

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