Baroness barred by security

Baroness Tonge, member of the House of Lords, visited the occupied building today to show support. Due to the decision by university management to prevent her access to the peaceful occupation, she was forced to deliver her planned address from outside the building.

The Baroness praised the occupation, and expressed her wish to see the movement spread to “every single campus.”

Some footage of her visit can be seen here.


2 responses to “Baroness barred by security

  1. This situation would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Had I known what a bunch of greedy £$%^& run our university I would have picked a different one. Of course they don’t tell you when you apply.
    Good work everyone!

  2. Nice work Nottingham University. Let’s hope you put some backbone into Nick Clegg to sling Tonge out of the LibDems.

    You accuse the media of censorship – so publish this!

    Occupation Response: Congratulations, you got a reactionary comment published on the internet!

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