Eviction Footage

Video from last night’s forcible eviction in now online.

Although so much of our protest has been documented on video, this short clip taken on a cameraphone is almost the only footage we have of the eviction due to Security’s confiscation of our video and photo equipment during their operation.

University management watch as security drag students out of lecture theatre

University management watch as security drag students out of lecture theatre

We the protesters feel that the University has used disproportionate force to break and suppress a legitimate protest. If you feel the same, we urge you to make your voice heard.

6 responses to “Eviction Footage

  1. it’s so chilling to watch them behave as though they’re above the law.

  2. My congratulations, you are doing great work there.

    AA: I don’t recall that authorities have ever concerned themselves with the law. If there’s a way to sue them, go ahead. But for the sake of conserving your energy, I would suggest you do not place all your hopes on a law that only concerns the weak.

  3. I have watched the footage several times and have come to the conclusion that it merely shows a security guard lifting a protester from the floor. It’s hard to prove that the wailing is genuine and even harder to prove assault…

    Occupation Response: You may not believe the screams of another human being, but I don’t really understand how the screams need to sound to be convincing to you. Stress positions and pressure points are designed to cause the maximum pain possible to ensure someone complies with what you want.

    The university spokesperson claims that Occupation Nottingham were offered a dialogue with senior management but refused.

    What, exactly, did they offer and why did protesters refuse?

    Occupation Response: Please see the following. No dialogue proper was proffered, none of our humanitarian demands even considered.

  4. The law was present, the protesters got spanked by the long arm of the law, now lectures back to normal. I hope they get expelled from the uni. Bet you won’t publish this!

    Occupation response: The Police had nothing to do with the eviction.

  5. Please. You guys are not stupid in the slightest so please don’t act it. Saying things like they were using unreasonable force is only going to weaken your credibility. You need to understand that you were occupying private property and that the owner of said has every right to evict you from it. The person in that video was clearly overreacting and it just comes across as pathetic and is NOT the way to fight your cause. Please, just concentrate on getting your views heard (peacefully).

  6. Daniel Barnes

    Barring the media? Unreasonable force? Ban on legitimate protest?

    The University is appearing very Israeli…

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