Eviction Video & Interviews

For a short video comprising: clips of student protesters being forcefully removed, interviews with the students, and footage of the Police and security handling of the situation, please click here.


6 responses to “Eviction Video & Interviews

  1. Do u happen to have pictures/videos during the occupation?

    As there are claims like “It was patently obvious lectures could not have occurred, there were distracting (and to some people, offensive) flags, banners, posters etc. on every wall and window, the room (often completely full for lectures) not only had lots of ‘occupiers’ but also all their stuff. Both the environment and the actual state of the room were not conducive to learning at all. Despite their ridiculous claims, no lectures could have occurred in that room. Fact.”

  2. Meurig Gallagher

    I visited the occupation a few times during the week, and what I saw was a group of people spread across the room, with all banners/bags/equipment left neatly at the very back so as to no pose any inconvenience to the learning of others. There was nothing offensive (at least not to my taste) and there was certainly no sense that anyone was attempting to disrupt the learning of others.
    Granted this is only anacdotal, and I have no pictures to back up these claims, but I thought that I would add.

  3. “Offensive” in this context means “stating an opinion uncongenial to Zionists”.

  4. University’s issued a statement denying that any media had been barred and stating that the evacuation was done ‘sensibly, professionally, and expeditiously’. What a shame.


    Occupation Reply: Dear Lulu, thank you very much for your comment. We are aware of the statement and will be issuing a reply shortly. However, for the sake of clarity, our claim that the media were barred applies only to the night of the eviction, not to any previous coverage of the protest, as is obvious since we link to the television coverage ourselves (!).

  5. I am aware of that. I was pointing out to the claim made by the uni’s statement that ‘No one[media] was denied access last night[the night of the eviction].’, which is obviously not true.

    And to dear occupiers, hats down for all of you!

  6. Offensive flags? My! We have some sensitive souls. I spent 5 years at secondary school having to work out sums underneath a picture of the Queen, and I managed an A.

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