Breaking News: Strathclyde & Manchester Universities Occupied

For a report on Strathcylde see here.

For information about the Manchester occupation click here.


Strathcylde University declare victory – the University authorities agreed to funds for scholarships, a place for the Gaza humanitarian appeal on Campus and on the University website, a press release strengthing links with the University of Gaza, disinvestment from a company that sources water from territory illegally occupied by Israel (Golan Heights) and an ongoing public discussion with the University concerning their involvement with BAE Systems and other arms companies.

Queen Mary, University of London have also declared victory, having the majority of their demands responded to by the Univeristy management.


3 responses to “Breaking News: Strathclyde & Manchester Universities Occupied

  1. There are about fifty of us inside right now (with laptops!) (February 4th, 11pm). See more and join the Facebook group at and please show support to keep up morale.

    Please forward to press and your contacts.

    In solidarity,

  2. I just spoke to someone from Strathclyde, the police were called but they sat it out and they left pretty soon after, theyre still occupying the main room and discussions are underway. They should be updating their blog soon too.

  3. Declare victory?? Is that really the right phrase…?

    Occupation Response: Not to be rude, but ‘nitpicking, is that really the right phrase’? Perhaps you should be instead asking questions regarding why The University of Nottingham decided to be incivil about our demands whereas other universities were open and in the spirit of a critical pedagogical institution.

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