How You Can Help

How You Can Support the Campus Occupation

1. Sign the petition in support of our demands here.

2. Spread the word to all your friends, family and colleagues.

3. Join our Facebook group.

4. Write to your MP asking them to sign “EDM 626 STUDENT OCCUPATIONS” in support of the campus occupations. is a useful website for contacting your MP.

5. Join the occupation! Whether for twenty minutes, over lunch, for a couple of hours or a couple of days! Come and get involved!

How You Can Help the People of Gaza

1. Donate to the DEC appeal
One of the demands of our protest is to have the DEC charities appeal available on the University portal.

Donate here.


2. Sign a petition calling for an arms embargo on Israel here.

3. Donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians: We are also collecting for this charity.

4. Write to your MP calling for urgent action to end Israels’ occupation, illegal colonisation of Palestine, to work towards a just peace in the Middle East.


7 responses to “How You Can Help

  1. timothy hendrikz

    Isn’t the occupation of the classroom analogous to the occupation of the Gaza strip?

  2. Pingback: Nottingham will be occupied over the weekend - Occupations

  3. warwicksolidaritysitin

    @ Timothy: as far as I can tell, this occupation is peaceful and is backed by student and popular support; the Israeli occupation of Palestine is inherently violent, backed by force and superior arms, and draws condemnation from the global community.

  4. Charlie Taylor

    Occupations can win concessions. London School of economics agreed to condemn the bombing and send educational aid to Gaza. Nottingham Socialist Party supports your campaign. Our members have visited the occupation along with the many others who have shown their solidarity.
    We support the idea of workers sanctions against the arms imports to Israel. Mass action to destroy the boarders that imprison Gaza.

  5. Please send email with your concerns about the shocking treatment of the peaceful protesters to Vice Chancellor:
    Director of Student Operations:
    Pro Vice Chancellor of the student experience:

  6. Well done to the Notts activists – as a former Notts student, I’m proud of their efforts to stand in solidarity with the Gazan resistance.

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